Oct 3, 2011



MFX Strength & Conditioning's approach to training is one to promote optimal human function. To create a body that works as a complete unit, strong, healthy and functional. A body that is free of injury and disease, and a one that stays this way throughout our entire lives.

Our training principles are formed around a basis of functional conditioning and effective movement training. These principles are designed to increase the strength, stabilisation and mobility of the body, providing a direct transfer to the body’s everyday movements, activities and overall performance.
We have found the results to be extremely effective in regards to improvements in strength, bodytone, fitness and weight loss.

Our sessions are run in a solid motivated group format and fully coached during our 60min classes. Classes are focused on Constantly Varied Functional Strength and Conditioning with a focus on solid and efficient mechanics then once mastered, with relative intensity. Check out our timetable for our Strength and Conditioning classes.